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Live your best Life

with Rachael Lewis


Rachael Lewis

My Story

I spent twenty years in corporate sales and marketing roles, and as I hit my forties, I experienced some trauma in my life. I believed that resilience was the way forward, so I ploughed on, seeking solace in my career and exercise - working harder and longer hours, surviving on caffeine and poor nutrition, fighting for the next promotion, and over training to avoid dealing with how I was truly feeling. Until it took its toll on my mental and physical health, and I was forced to take a period of extended sick leave. I felt bewildered, depressed, anxious, scared, and burnt out. I had nothing left to give.


During my recovery, after the initial fear and panic subsided, I realized I lacked self-awareness and knowledge of how chronic my situation had become, and I had none of the right tools to understand how to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.


This revelation was hard to take – am I a failure? Why did I give in? Why hadn’t I seen this coming? The truth is, there is no failure in embracing self-acceptance and the willingness to change.


With the support of some amazing people and learning to let go of the comfortable financial situation I had built for myself, I decided to change my life and went on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and growth.


I am fortunate to qualify and become a certified Health & Wellness Coach so that I can help others who may be treading a similar path, or who feel they are not living their best life and need support and guidance to change.


I am here, ready to support you.

About Me

"A Health Coach can help you co - create exactly the right Lifestyle Prescription for you, and…support you to implement new lifestyle choices and overcome any resistance to change you might experience."

-Dr Rangan Chatterjee UK Health Coaches Association Advisory Panel


High level health & wellness assessment, with an individual coaching plan that lays the foundations, to kick-start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle, includes 2 x 45 mins coaching sessions monthly. 



A mid-level health & wellness assessment, with the aim of building longer-term sustainable habits. Individual coaching plan, tailored to your health and lifestyle goals, includes 2 x 45 mins coaching sessions monthly, lifestyle assessment, and unlimited on-line support. 

Lifestyle Topics

I provide Health and Wellness Coaching, specializing in Chronic Stress & Burnout.

Related topics include:

Lifestyle change, Fatigue, Sleep, Gut health, Digestive issues, Immune system, Weight management, Exercise, Diet


Detailed lifestyle assessment and individual coaching plan covering all aspects of health & wellness, to build sustainable habits and mindsets, for the rest of life. Also includes 2 x 60 mins coaching sessions monthly, shopping habits assessment, recipes, unlimited on-line/telephone support, adaptations to plan, future follow-up sessions.


“Live your best Life - with Rachael Lewis

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Brighton & Hove, England   |    |    +44 07740193849

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