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What is included?

Introduction to Health: What is it, really? Why is it important? What it means to you, how I can help you to achieve your health goals


To educate and lay the foundation, to kickstart your journey towards a healthy lifestyle

High-level Health & Well-being assessment: Health history, body systems, diet overview, family history, movement

To get an understanding of current health status, to build an appropriate individual plan that starts to bridge the gap

8-week lifestyle goals

To agree realistic objectives, that can transform your life over time

How to work effectively together

To maximize the short time together, we agree how I can get the best out of you

Basic coaching plan

Coaching sessions (via ‘phone)

Breakdown of weekly goals (what, how, why), in line with lifestyle goals

To support and encourage you, to answer any questions, and to hold you accountable to the plan

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