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Health & Wellness Coaching

Why partner with me

As you’ll have read from My Story, I have first-hand experience of some of the life challenges we face. During those times, my health (mental, physical, emotional) did not serve me well enough to cope and the result was chronic stress and burnout. Coming out the other side and embracing those experiences, and having certified as a Health & Wellness Coach, enables me to work with people in a relatable, individual, and empathetic way. I work on a 1-on-1 basis or in group settings, and alongside other health professionals, to provide a complete approach to health and wellness and to bridge the gap between knowing and doing, so that change is sustainable.


I am passionate about helping people Live their best Lives.

Client Goals

To support, empower and coach my clients to achieve the best possible physical, mental, and emotional state, by:

  • Enabling clients to fully understand their own health and root causes of health conditions.

  • Educating and empowering clients to become an expert in their own health.

  • Creating an individualized coaching plan in partnership with the client.

  • Supporting and holding them accountable for their health and wellness goals.

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