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What is included?

Introduction to Health: What is it, really? Why is it important? What it means to you, how I can help you to achieve your health goals

Mid-level Health & Well-being assessment: Health history, medication/supplement, body systems, family health history, current eating habits, fitness, stress levels


To build sustainable habits that start to become in-built

“…it takes 66 days to form a habit.”

A detailed assessment enables me to build the best coaching plan, individually tailored to your health and lifestyle goals

Wheel of Life coaching assessment

The tool helps uncover levels of overall well-being and happiness. We decide on 1 area, to make positive change.

How to work effectively together

Coaching plan

To maximize the time together, we discuss/agree how I can get the best out of you

Breakdown of weekly goals (what, how, why), to build strong foundations towards achievement of lifestyle goals

Coaching sessions (via ‘phone, 1/month face-to-face)

To support and encourage you, to answer any concerns or questions, and to hold you accountable to the plan. 1 monthly session is extended via face-to-face meeting, to dive deeper into specific areas.

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